Process Testing Updates

12 Steps to Successful Workday Update Testing

Getting ready for the next Workday preview? Here are a few testing To-Do’s that we thought you might find useful as you test your tenants.

Security Testing

Viewers & Doers: An Intro to Workday Security


Workday Request Framework: a future home for your HR helpdesk?


Robust Payroll Testing for Your Workday Build & Beyond

Get expert advice on how to test your Workday Payroll configuration properly before go live.
Security Testing

Self Assessment of Your SaaS ERP System

A simple self-assessment can help you evaluate how thorough your current testing is, here are a few questions to help you get a clear picture of how effective your testing really is.

Moving to a More Mature Testing Process

Improving your testing process can be hard when you don't know what better looks like or how to get there. Here, we walk you through steps you can take to ‘Level Up’ your Workday testing to a more managed, organised and efficient approach.

Six Tips for Building Your Workday Testing Strategy

Here are 6 Top Tips to help ensure that your Workday testing strategy covers all bases
Security Testing

Accelerating Audits By Securing Your SaaS System

Interviews Testing Updates

Inside Stories: The Incredible Shrinking Test Team

Magellan's Manager of HR Systems explains how automated testing helped them slash the time and effort spent on manual testing of Workday updates by 80%.

Calendar sensitive due dates: a welcome Business Process enhancement in Workday 27


Time & Attendance Point Keeping

Our resident expert on Workday Absence and Time Tracking takes a look at a “point keeping” system for deviations from scheduled time appear on time sheets.

Building your business case for a new core HR system – a risk-based approach

When you know a new HCM system will improve your business operations, but you don't have the data to show how it'll help the company save money, how do you win over your CFO?

Why Workday’s acquisition of Platfora makes sense

So Workday has recently acquired Platfora, here is why it makes sense

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