🎉 Hear Harland Harris from Cornell University talk about the value they’ve been getting out of Smart™ and our synthetic worker functionality. Watch the video.


Coming Attractions: A Look at Workday 30’s Biggest Little Features & Functionality

With so many great things packed into each major Workday Update release, it’s easy for great little items to slip under the radar. So we’ve pulled together a list of some of the smaller features and enhancements you won’t want to miss. Come see.

Interviews Testing Updates

Workday Update Q&A

Trevor and Brennan answer some of your webinar follow-up questions about testing Workday updates
Interviews Testing Updates

Workday Clients’ 8 Ideas to Help You Win at Testing Workday Updates

Five Workday customers offer advice on how to set yourself up for successful update testing during the Workday update preview period. See what they have to say.
Testing Updates

6 Tips for Testing Workday 30

Getting ready for the next Workday preview? Here are a few testing To-Do's that we thought you might find useful as you test your tenants.

Get Prepared for GDPR With Workday HCM

The General Data Protection Regulations come into force on May 18th 2018 - learn how Workday HCM can help you get compliant.

Workday and the Digital Transformation of Finance

Get your accountants working on driving business strategy and away from process driven operational tasks with Workday Financials

HEFCE Chooses Workday, a First for UK Public Sector


Celebrating our 100th Customer

As Kainos Smart reaches the major milestone of 100 customers, our WorkSmart Divisional Director Malachy Smith shares some words of reflection and appreciation.
Security Testing

Viewers & Doers: An Intro to Workday Security


Workday Request Framework: a future home for your HR helpdesk?


Robust Payroll Testing for Your Workday Build & Beyond

Get expert advice on how to test your Workday Payroll configuration properly before go live.

What’s new for Absence Management in Workday 29?

Security Testing

Self Assessment of Your SaaS ERP System

A simple self-assessment can help you evaluate how thorough your current testing is, here are a few questions to help you get a clear picture of how effective your testing really is.

Moving to a More Mature Testing Process

Improving your testing process can be hard when you don't know what better looks like or how to get there. Here, we walk you through steps you can take to ‘Level Up’ your Workday testing to a more managed, organised and efficient approach.

Christmas in August: Workday 29 Update!

Whats new with Workday 29? Here are some things to consider.

Six Tips for Building Your Workday Testing Strategy

Here are 6 Top Tips to help ensure that your Workday testing strategy covers all bases

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