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Get the protection you want from the problems you don't

Every SaaS ERP teems with sensitive data, personal information, and business-critical transactions that need safeguarding. Your Workday configuration is no different.

When it comes to software, change equals risk

Yet every day your Workday configuration undergoes essential changes to support the needs of your evolving business.

Business driven changes

As BPs change, departments are restructured, and workflows evolve, administrators must regularly reconfigure structures and settings. In a complex system like yours with many cross-functional touchpoints, positive changes made in one area can sometimes result in unexpected changes in others.

3rd party changes

Your Workday system interacts with dozens of other software systems around the clock. When systems are added, replaced, or undergo their own software updates, these changes can upset the data Workday calls in, functionality within the system itself, and the data it passes downstream.

In global solutions, the negative impacts of compliance violations are greater

Whether it’s data protection or segregation of duties, you need ongoing assurance that controls for what users can see, initiate, and approve are operating correctly.

Staff cause 43% of data breaches

Industry reports show that staff are responsible for nearly half of all data breaches. 22% of these are due to human error. With an entire workforce accessing your system, regularly verifying what system users can see and do is essential.

Issues go unreported

End users don’t always realise there’s a problem. They’ll raise tickets when they can no longer access information or complete actions they used to be able to. But when they can suddenly see and do more than before, they’ll assume it’s by design.

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Your SMEs are experts in your business, not testing

Without quality testing and maintenance, problems accumulate, processes become increasingly broken and your system becomes difficult to use.

Are you sure you're running the right tests?

Inexperienced testers don’t realise that complex configurations like your Workday system require multiple types of testing to cover all bases.

Are you doing enough testing?

Competing priorities force SMEs to test what they can in the time available instead of what’s optimal—resulting in too few tests and long periods between testing.

Relax knowing your system is secure, controlled, and that you can PROVE it

Our Smart automated testing tool compares what should be happening in your tenants to what’s actually happening. Then flags any problems.

Peace of mind & due diligence

Smart reduces risk and gives teams confidence in changes they introduce by making it easy to verify that nothing they’ve done has had a knock-on effect elsewhere in the system.

Instant evidence for auditors

Smart archives every test result, so you can quickly show auditors how you verify that controls are working, how often you check, and proof that issues were fixed.

Protection against unintended actions and access

At the push of a button you can test your security configuration to ensure staff only have access to the data and actions required to do their job.

Spot fraud fast & head off catastrophe

Tests for available actions and approvals means you’ll know immediately when Segregation of Duties and other SOC2 controls have been impacted so you can take remedial action.

“While implementing Workday… the tool identified differences between the environments. Without Smart, it would have taken us quite some time and additional effort to realise and get to the root cause of any problems.”

Sonia Martinez