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Would you rather launch Workday with a whimper or a roar?

This may be the largest and most transformative project you ever lead. Get off to a strong start with these pro tips.

Technology won’t solve your problems if you don't address the underlying issues

Addressing business and operational issues should be Priority 1

Don't just digitally replicate bad workflows

Over time process can become cumbersome, redundant, poorly defined and inefficient. There’s a limit to the benefits Workday can deliver for your business if you have poor processes and procedures. So detailed assessment of how you currently conduct things and an agreed strategy on how to resolve those must be top a priority.

What condition is your data in?

Teams often are deep into their implementation process before they look at their data and discover that the quality, consistency and quantity isn’t as good as they thought. And then there’s the data formats to contend with during migration from old systems to new.

Your business case depends on Workday usage, not just hitting time and budget targets

A comprehensive change management strategy is critical for ensuring successful adoption of Workday throughout your company

Building champions and enthusiasts

When executives and stakeholders understand the value that your project will deliver, what must happen when, and who you need to pitch in, they can become a driving force for acceptance and adoption.

Equipping managers for procedural changes

Workday transforms day-to-day operations. Strategies and plans for communications and coaching will prepare managers for upcoming process and workflow changes and empower them to make the most of new self-service capabilities.

The Definitive Guide to Testing Your Workday Deployment

Most project delays and cost creep are down to inadequate and mismanaged resources

The right people with the right skills, knowledge and authority at the right times makes all the difference.

Timely decisions win the day

Trying to reach a consensus as a large group quickly stalls progress. Smooth deployments take input from many but delegate decision-making to a very small set of staff with the business knowledge and authority to make decisions on a global scale.

Quantity and commitment

When staff are seconded to the project but spend large portions of their time supporting the staff who back-filled their roles, the project suffers. Likewise underestimating the scale of hands-on personnel needed for key phases (like tenant testing) impedes quality and velocity.

Work with a partner who knows where all the traps are hidden and how to avoid them

Our deployment teams deliver more than a build. We advise, guide and pair our expertise with your business knowledge to deliver lasting results.

We make complexity seem simple

Other implementation partners regularly call on us for our support and expertise when projects are extra challenging and complex. We’re particularly deft with integrations, testing, absence and compensation.

30 years' experience with transformation

We’ve built our business on helping enterprises with large-scale digital transformation projects. We understand the impact and opportunities they pose and bring that insight to your Workday deployment.

Stronger testing through automation

By using our Smart automated testing platform during deployment, you can speed up your tenant testing by 80%, increase your breadth and depth of coverage, and leave your SMEs with more time to focus on other project priorities.

Expertise in change management

We can help you build your team’s capability and confidence to act as change agents, plan and build communication and training plans, and strategise ways to promote the vision.

“The key for me in any implementation like this is healthy challenge, thought leadership, and constructive dialogue. And all three of those elements have been part of the relationship with Kainos from the outset.”

Gareth Williams