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Rising Orlando
Tenant Health

October 14-17th Workday Rising, Orlando

Spend 30 minutes with our Workday experts at Rising Orlando and get simple, practical tips on what you should do to keep your Workday tenant healthy, organised, and primed for a successful future.

Whether you’re brand new to Workday and want to start off on the right foot or have been live for years and want to get your system back on track, this private workshop is for you and your team. Use your time with our Workday pro to ask about:

  • governance best practices;
  • standard operating procedures that should be in place for every organisation;
  • key audit reports you should be running monthly and why;
  • the most commonly misunderstood Workday tasks that, when used incorrectly, create problems down the line;
  • specific tenant problem you’re facing at the minute, and more!