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Your Workday 2020R1 HCM Questions Answered

Get extra insights into the new HCM features released in Workday 2020R1. Our Workday HCM Consultants have dove a little deeper into the questions asked during our recent webinar “Get Ready for Workday 2020R1—The HCM Overview” and pulled this handy Q&A together.

What is a blocking transaction?

In relation to correcting a start date, a blocking transaction is another business process that prevents you from correcting the worker start date. Some of the most common blocking events include:

  • Change Job
  • Change Org Assignments for Worker
  • Edit Position
  • Onboarding
  • Request Compensation Change

For the full list of events, configure the Set Up: Maintain Defaulting Rules for Worker Start Date Correction domain and access the Maintain Defaulting Rules for Worker Start Date Correction task in your tenant to set the rules for how the blocking transactions should be processed when a start date is corrected.

Do you have more information on the Comp update as well as the Move Worker/Correct Start date features?

For Correct Mass Move Worker you will need to navigate to the Business Process (BP) security policy for Move Worker (Supervisory) and assign security groups to the Correct action.

For start date corrections, the What’s New Post in Community has a step-by-step guide to the configuration updates. There are three main steps to uptake this functionality:  

  1. Enable the new domains. Set Up -Maintain Defaulting Rules for Worker Start Date Correction. Staffing Actions – View Worker Start Date Correction. Staffing Actions -View Worker Start Date Job.
  2. Create the default definition for the new business processes Correct Worker Start Date and Notify Worker Start Date Correction Event. You’ll have to set the business process security policies as well as definitions with any required approvals or custom notifications  
  3. Set the rules for how to process blocking transactions using Maintain Defaulting Rules for Worker Start Date Correction 

For the Bonus Modelling, access the task Maintain Bonus Accrual Estimates to set the parameters of your estimate based on your compensation configuration. The What’s New Post video in Community is helpful to create an initial report to drill down into worker-level details. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to discuss specifics for your organisation. 

Do you have additional information on Benefit Persisting?

If you run the What’s New Report for Benefits in your tenant, there are seven items related to Benefits Persistence. In summary, Workday now automatically run a daily check on changes to worker’s eligibility for benefit groups and saves the benefit group. You can then enable Workday to use the worker’s persisted benefit group instead of rechecking eligibility, which improves the performance of tasks, reports, and integrations.

How can we control what tasks and areas Workday Assistant is enabled for?

After signing the innovation services agreement with Workday and enabling the new domains, there is an Edit Tenant Setup-Assistant page which includes the various areas Workday Assistant can be enabled for. ​

Is there a step-by-step configuration guide on Workday Assistant?

Workday Community has a step-by-step guide to set up Workday Assistant that you can access here. You can also read our Q&A on Workday Assistant if you have any additional questions.

Do we need to repost the job in order to have the headers and instructional text appear?

Once you’ve updated your job application template(s), you need to process a Job Requisition Change and tick the box to allow the new template to take effect for any job postings on your career site(s). Once that is done, un-post and repost your job requisition to your career site.​

Can we delete tasks from the consolidated offer workbook?

Yes, however the task must be removed from the main Offer or Employment Agreement tab, which will remove the offer task and any associated rows from the subprocess tabs. This will then put the individual task back into your inbox. It’s important to remember to remove it from the primary task and let that information flow through to the other tabs, otherwise only the subprocess data is removed but the overall task remains within the workbook.

Will the new candidate profile no longer be opt-in?

The new candidate profile will have the same look, feel, and configurability as the current worker profile. It is important that you opt-in to this feature in your Sandbox tenant as soon as possible so you can begin testing and updating any training material.

For more details on the key HCM features in Workday 2020R1, watch the recording of the webinar here.

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