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Workday security: How automated testing can help keep your business data out of the wrong hands

Anyone familiar with Workday will know what a powerful product it is. Depending on access rights, users have the ability to view and act upon real time data via their desktop, phone or tablet device from anywhere in the world. This data could include staff person information, performance reviews, compensation details or financial results.

Whilst managers need this sensitive information at their fingertips in order to do their job efficiently, it is crucial that this data is only available to the appropriate people based on their role within an organisation.
Workday’s security capabilities are very flexible, enabling organisations to configure their security environment to meet their exact requirements. However, whilst every effort is made to ensure the configuration is accurate, mistakes can happen.
PwC found that nearly nine out of 10 businesses now suffer from some form of a data breach, with people just as likely to be the cause, compared to viruses and malicious software. In fact, three-quarters of large organisations suffered a ‘staff-related’ breach last year.

A breach can be caused by something as simple as an employee having access to information they shouldn’t have or performing an action that they shouldn’t be able to, and such mistakes can be incredibly harmful to a company.
In Europe for example, data breaches can result in the organisation receiving a hefty fine if found liable. Moreover, data leaks can also damage a business’ reputation and potentially give its competitors an advantage.

Thorough testing of your Workday security configurations is therefore essential. However, testing the conventional, manual way is not only time consuming but also prone to human error. Kainos Smart Security is an automated testing product created specifically to address this problem. It makes testing Workday security configurations easy, delivering test results reliably and quickly. Organisations can test and pinpoint errors in their Workday security configuration via a single click.
The majority of our clients run their Smart Security tests weekly to continually provide assurance that their security configuration is accurate and that critical information is only available to the appropriate people. Why put your business at risk when Kainos Smart Security can help mitigate the risk for you?

To learn more about using Kainos Smart Security to automate your security testing and ensure your Workday configuration isn’t leaving your workplace open to data breaches, watch our webinar. You’ll get to hear from AstraZeneca and SCI about how they’re using Kainos Smart to maintain confidence in their own Workday security tests.

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