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Time & Attendance Point Keeping

This topic was previously presented to the Workday Time Tracking ecosystem as part of the biweekly Workday Knowledge Sharing Session (KSS). Here, Robert Young, our resident expert on Absence and Time Tracking and a frequent KSS and conference presenter, recaps some of the high points.

With Workday Time Tracking, the fun begins when you start to look at your data. Implementations can take the lightest touch: simple in and out punches and a sprinkling of overtime, or dig deep into the data and perform additional layer of calculations and reports that affect both payment and HR operations.

A customer of ours operates power generation facilities and gave us the chance to explore a variety of in-depth calculations; when machinery is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, time tracking becomes a critical function. In this post, I’d like to look at one particular aspect—a “point keeping” system for deviations from scheduled time that would be immediately visible to workers and managers on their time sheets.

This customer requires that, for a number of unions, workers are awarded “points” for discrepancies from regular time keeping, and once a certain threshold is reached, HR could become involved. The customer worked with us to mould Workday Time tracking into a system that could meet the needs of the employee, manager and HR.

Starting with the employee, Workday Time Tracking can be configured to integrate with your existing clocking system—be it a phone system, door badge, or time clock. With the clock events recorded, calculations could then be created to compare the actual “in time” with that of the schedule assigned to the worker in Workday. If the worker arrives late, or departs early, a time block is immediately presented on the worker’s time sheet indicating that a time keeping point has been awarded, varying in size depending on the size of the time keeping discrepancy.

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