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Workday Rising

Floor Fillers: 11 Must-See Customer Talks at Workday Rising Orlando

Only a few more days until the Workday Rising Scheduler goes live. Make sure you add these to 'My Interests' in your session catalogue so they're in your shortlist when the floodgates open on August 27th!!

Testing Talks


Your Workday Testing Toolkit: A Group Analysis

As your success with Workday grows, so do your testing needs. In this panel, leaders with QA responsibility from Sun Life, Centene, Cardinal Health, and FIS critique methods they’ve used over the years: in-house and outsourced manual testing, and licensed and self-built test automation. With 20 years of Workday testing among them, they discuss the pros and cons of each approach, when it was time to switch and why, which test scenarios suited each, advice on choosing an automated solution, and more.

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Leveraging Test Automation for Wider Support Delivery

Did you know that test automation can help you with more than just regression testing of Workday updates and your ongoing BAU changes? Join this panel discussion to hear how four Workday customers are leveraging their test automation to keep deployments on track, eliminate exposure of employee data during Workday training, support data protection compliance efforts by dramatically reducing exposure of employee data during test events, and provide support to integrated system owners.

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Support Talks


Supporting Workday with Lean Teams

The positive impact Workday can have on your business is enormous. But sometimes the team that’s supporting your configuration isn’t big enough. If this sounds like you, join this session to hear Fairfield University and Cornell University share the tricks, tools, and techniques they’ve learned over the years to enable their small support teams to stay on top of their big Workday ambitions.

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Post-Production Support: A Tale of Two Universities and Their Roads to Stabilization

Join the University of Washington and Bucknell University to hear insights and valuable lessons learned relating to resource planning, the utilization of Workday tools, and the importance of change management in a post-production support model. Regardless of the size of your institution, this session provides important takeaways on how you can get set up for a smoother road in the transition from deployment to stabilization.

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Make the Most of the Workday Community: Best Practices for Understanding Feature Information and Managing Change

Are you overwhelmed by the wealth of information Workday provides for feature releases and weekly service updates? Do you love the Workday Community portal but wonder if there are better ways to use it? Do you want to focus your efforts to maximize the time you spend learning about features and functionality? Join this panel discussion to hear how experienced customers leverage Workday feature information and documentation to put a lot of good information into order.

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HCM Talks


Yes, Virginia, HR Can Be Agile—and Relentlessly Innovative Too

The world of work is shifting, and keeping up with the pace of innovation is daunting. Done correctly, though, it can be a competitive advantage. Join this session to hear how Sun Life Financial shifted its perspective to put the employee at the center of the work experience. Learn how the organization surfs the cutting edge of Workday capabilities to develop innovations—and delivers them in an agile way—to drive employee engagement and satisfaction while never losing sight of what’s next.

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Workday AI Partners: How Patagonia Embraced and Enabled the AI Future of Human Capital Management with Skills Insights

Building AI-based products creates a new level of partnership between Workday and our customers. Patagonia and the Workday Machine Learning Product Management team walks through the journey to deliver Skill Insights—an AI-driven approach to understanding, finding, and matching talent. We cover Patagonia’s considerations when taking on AI with Workday, as well as its experience as the “pioneer program.” See live examples of AI at work that make talent management easier for your organization.

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Financials Talks


Streamlining Bank Reconciliation in Workday

Are you looking to streamline your bank reconciliation process? In this session, learn about the new and improved automatic reconciliation capabilities in Workday as well as best practices, tips, and tricks for putting them to use. Topics include maximizing automation, accelerating manual processes, tailoring the bank statement reconciliation dashboard, and leveraging reconciliation reporting.

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Manage a Faster, Easier Close with Workday Account Reconciliation and Certification

Join this session to learn about the latest enhancements to account reconciliations and certification in Workday. Learn how these features can help you eliminate bottlenecks, improve transparency and accountability, and deliver a single source of truth for your close. Get the details on what we’ve delivered, our vision, and a customer’s perspective on using these features to improve their close.

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Payroll Talks


Right On Time: Two Tales of Workday Time Tracking Deployment

Are you considering Workday Time Tracking and absence management, or maybe you have it on your roadmap? Join the Met Museum and Sun Life as they take you behind the scenes of their deployments. Hear why they chose Workday Time Tracking and absence management, the efficiencies and insights it’s delivering, advice on project planning for big-bang and phased rollouts, how they’re solving for global and union complexities, the most valuable lessons learned, and the post-deployment support needs you should consider for ongoing success.

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The Handy-Dandy, You-Can’t-Live-Without-It Guide to Payroll Processing, Auditing, and Year-End Fun

Join Land O’Lakes and Workday Product Management to hear how Land O’Lakes manages U.S. payroll, auditing, and year-end processes, as well as what its team structure looks like to support payroll operations. Workday Product Management also provides some best practices and tips on how to be more year-end ready. Key takeaways include what Land O’Lakes processing and year-end checklists look like, as well as the audits developed to ensure payroll accuracy.

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