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Four Key Learning Enhancements in Workday 2020R1

Workday 2020R1 has arrived on our doorstep, introducing a host of exciting new features and functionality within Workday Learning. Here, Kainos Workday Consultant Gillian Dixon highlights a few of the standout enhancements ready for you to take advantage of.

Learning is taking the consumer world by storm. Within the workplace, it’s a vital component to supporting employees in achieving goals and reaching their full potential. The latest features introduced in Workday 2020R1 powerfully enhance the quality of your learning processes and the Workday user experience for employees. Here’s a summary of what’s new in the world of Workday Learning. Safe Harbour applies.

External Learning Instructors

A highly anticipated feature, Workday 2020R1 now enables you to create Workday accounts for third-party course instructors who aren’t part of your workforce, such as external instructors or training organisations. ​

Learners can now view the instructor details attached to the course, and the external instructor can see the new Learning Trainer worklet (safe harbour) when they log in. This provides access to the usual instructor dashboard that we are all familiar with, including the manage grading and attendance report, manage wait listing task and view course offerings where they are the primary instructor.​ With this enhancement external instructors are now responsible for marking and grading their own content, devolving the task from Learning admins and removing potential delays in grading and attendance.

How to enable it 

Set up is required to enable this feature and it is driven by a new business process called Manage Learning Instructors. This business process will now drive the task Create Learning Instructor and without setting up this business process you will not be able to access the task for either type of Learning Instructor moving forward.

Image depictiing create learning instructor in workday

image depicting create external learning instructor

Learning Trainer Worklet  

For the first time Workday is enabling both Learning Instructors and Learning Assessors to access their own worklet, providing a space to enable grading and to mark attendance for courses where they are the primary instructor/ assessor. The worklet will clearly display the My Course Offerings report for the courses that the instructor/ assessor is linked to, along with enrolments, times and dates of the course.  

How to enable it 

There is no extra configuration required to set up this worklet, however we recommend that you update your training materials so that instructors and assessors are aware of the new interface. This means that the current Learning Instructor/Assessor dashboard setup, that is accessed through the Learning Worklet, can now be discontinued so that content is accessed through the new worklet instead.

image depicting learning trainer in workday

Learning Assignments 

Workday 2020R1 introduces Assignment Records and helps to simplify how you create assignments when mass enrolling, assigning courses to teams and campaigning content. This feature improves upon Learning compliance as Workday recognize the need for more detailed reporting requirements. This new functionality enables you to complete compliance reporting in one place, and retraining assignments records are now automatically created when learners have successfully completed content with expiry dates.  

How to enable it 

This feature is automatically available. The changes are two additional report data sources called Learning Assignments by Learning Organisation and Learning Assignment Records. To take advantage of this update you need to create custom reports with these new data sources. Or you can edit the custom reports that you are currently using.

Learning Prerequisites  

Having made countless attempts at calculated fields and condition rules to try and work around a way to make one course a prerequisite for another, this is a highly requested feature and also fantastic time saver. With this new enhancement, you can now easily manage your course catalogue by choosing courses or programs that a learner must either be enrolled in or have completed as a prerequisite to enrolling on another specific course.  

This gives learners greater visibility around what they should complete in order to progress to the next stage of a course. Attaching competencies to these courses is also a useful way to link Learning with the Talent & Performance functionality (if you are using this module). 

How to enable it 

Set up is required to enable this feature. For those already utilising the Manage Learning Equivalency rules, this task works similarly. However, is not governed by a business process like Manage Learning Equivalency. When you create the rule, you have the option to select prerequisites based on leaning enrolment or completion.  

There are also some deployment considerations to be aware of: 

  • learners must enroll/complete the content in order to satisfy the rules correctly 
  • maintenance is required and learning admins must ensure they are aware of specific courses that are being used as prerequisites for another course 
  • these rules can be inactivated 

Image depictinig create learning prerequisite in workday

To find out more automatically available Learning features and other core HCM and Recruitment functionality in Workday 2020R1 watch the recording of the webinar here.

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