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Workday Adaptive Planning Helps Kainos Project & Prioritise

Workday Adaptive Planning, formerly known as Adaptive Insights, is paving the way for enterprise financial and workforce planning transformation. Here, Noel Kelly, Financial Planning & Analysis Manager at Kainos discusses how Kainos is leveraging Workday Adaptive Planning to modernize our financial planning, budgeting and forecasting processes.

As organisations grow in capacity or evolve in scope, dependencies on largely outdated but familiar tools and processes can become a threat to productivity, transparency, and risk mitigation. Even here at Kainos, despite being driven by the amazing possibilities of technology, we haven’t been immune to an occasional reliance on mediums like spreadsheets to perform certain manual administrative tasks.

With our team becoming entangled in administrative tasks, an over reliance on specific team members to produce reports and the risks associated with manual entry data errors, data integrity and lack of transparency, those dependencies were becoming unnecessary and problematic.

In our constant pursuit of excellence across the organisation, in late 2019 Kainos decided to embark on a project to help streamline our financial planning, reporting and forecasting functions, and fully integrate this functionality with Workday Financial Management. To do this successfully we called upon the Workday Adaptive Planning expertise we have in our Workday practice, and within three months we have already started to realise the benefits of Workday Adaptive Planning across the business:

Accurate and easy budgeting: Having implemented Phase 1 in just three months, Kainos has streamlined its budgeting function, enabling accurate and efficient revenue and profit forecasting for the year ahead using Workday Adaptive Planning. Not only has this ensured integrity of data, it has given productivity a boost.

Seamless integration:  Workday Adaptive Planning has slotted quickly and neatly with our Workday Financials, allowing for data flows that are automated and accurate. This is freeing up time for us to understand and analyse essential data and place a greater emphasis on strategic thinking.

Holistic scenario planning: We’ve only really scratched the surface of what Workday Adaptive Planning will do for Kainos, but that’s not to say that the benefits aren’t already becoming clear. By having a robust data stream in place, as well as key staff not tied down to spreadsheets, we’re better able to model those ‘what if’ scenarios and be better positioned to make data driven key decisions.

Greater reporting accessibility: We’re beginning to see the huge potential that Workday Adaptive Planning has for reporting – which is becoming quicker, easier, much more management-friendly, a lot more relevant to those consuming the information, and aligns not only with internal business processes but provides a clear, custom dashboard-based platform to help drive change that’s continuous and more collaborative.

Kainos’ Workday Adaptive Planning Roadmap Continues

As a future-facing organisation, there’s eager anticipation to take full advantage of the possibilities Workday Adaptive Planning has to offer at Kainos. Though there’s perhaps even more excitement for the challenges it can help our customers to overcome.

As we move into the new financial year and fully optimise Workday Adaptive Planning for financial planning, forecasting and reporting, we are aiming to implement Workforce Planning as part of our next phase.

Having three leading and global Workday Adaptive Planning partners as part of the Kainos family means that we’re able to offer robust, cutting-edge planning and reporting services for organisations that want to take their Workday experience to the next level, and we’re looking forward to leading the charge.

Find out how Workday Adaptive Planning can transform your organisation’s planning potential.

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