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Coming Attractions: A Look at Workday 30’s Biggest Little Features & Functionality

With each approaching Workday update, the community begins buzzing about the major new items soon to hit our production tenants. But smaller changes can deliver valuable advantages too. So what hidden gems does Workday have in its bag of tricks? Let's take a look.

Like so many of you, our thoughts have been turning to the coming release of Workday 30. As we all know, ‘Safe Harbor applies’, so none of the projected new features are certain to appear in March. After all, in the world of software roadmaps can change quickly. However, many of the forecasted features are highly likely; indeed some have already been quietly rolled out in Workday’s weekly Service Updates and are available now. In addition to the big ticket items like better reporting & analytics, additional language support and the Global Library, there are a number of less-well publicised improvements that we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss.


Recruiting should get a fair number of great enhancements—perhaps most notably the eagerly awaited interview scheduling functionality, which integrates with Office365 to enable scheduling (and dynamic rescheduling) of job interviews. It’ll also mean that you can check for interviewer availability and room availability from within Workday instead of having to come out to check availability in Outlook and then go back to Workday to set up the interview.

Another significant improvement will be in the handling of “no-shows”, whereby the related job requisition will be easily reopened so that you can prevent them from skewing reporting. We also think that the embed video feature coming on the Workday-provided external careers site will be a nice little upgrade that’ll make it easier for teams to show more of their story to prospective employees rather than simply tell it.


Bonuses will soon be calculated based on individual goals, which is one of the use cases customers have been asking for. The Total Reward statement is being enhanced to include time off information and external payroll data to give teams a complete picture around pay. And the approvals mechanism in the Shared Participation Merit process has more options added to it for greater tailoring to customer needs. Meanwhile in Benefits, the big news is that Open Enrolment will be available on mobile devices.


Over in Absence, the existing mobile solution for requesting absences is undergoing a significant improvement in user experience to make it more like the desktop experience. You’ll finally be able to inactivate Time Off plans that are no longer required, and it’ll be possible to hide Time Off Balances from workers while remaining visible to Managers and Administrators.

Talent & Performance

Workday has already shipped a number of enhancements to the Talent & Performance area through its weekly updates since Workday 29. In case you missed them, these include being able to set a default Editor option for Employee Review templates—so that the default can be set to Guided Editor for long multi-section templates and to Summary Editor for short templates like Goal Setting. Also already available is an enhancement to Surveys functionality. Now Surveys can be distributed via Campaigns or via the Distribution Framework, where the target audience can be defined using a saved Search or a Custom Report


The focus in Learning will be on Compliance improvements—particularly where workers need to have up-to-date training and employers need to demonstrate that to regulatory bodies. So training will have optional expiry dates on training, and workers will be able to re-enrol for training when their certifications expire, thereby making it easier to maintain certification and ensure compliance.

I hope our list of gems has been useful. For a definitive list of what Workday is working on, check your tenant for the What’s New in Workday report or take a look at Workday’s Announcing Workday 30 page on Workday Community.

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